Purrfectheal Veterinary Clinic Community Outreach in Collaboration with PassionProject and Biyaya TNVRs

What we do

Outreach events around the Philippines are our main thrust. With the help, cooperation and partnership of LGUs and other non-government organizations we conduct mass spay and neuter in different cities and provinces across the Philippines.

Recent Project/Outreach Statistics in Collaboration with PassionProject and Biyaya TNVRs

Highlighted regions and provinces show the frequency of Purrfectheal Veterinary Clinic in Collaboration with PassionProject and Biyaya TNVRs projects and Outreach.


Total Animals Neutered on Outreaches:

Spay & neuter pertains to the surgical removal of a cat’s or dog’s reproductive organs. This results in an effective way of controlling the rate of the animals’ population.

We highly suggest you tune into your municipal or local veterinary department for outreach announcements regarding the registrations. Free spay and neuter operations are limited based on the number of slots open for the event. Note: Registrations may be done online or onsite.

  • What is the Purrfectheal Veterinary Clinic outreach program?
  • What is the signifiance of doing outreaches?
  • Is there a way to arrange an outreach on my area/region?

The Purrfectheal Veterinary Clinic outreach programs endorse mass spay and neuter operations in places where normally, such procedures are priced at a very high cost or simply inaccessible.

We are an organization that highly supports animal welfare, doing outreaches by coordinating with the Local Government Units (LGUs) help support our advocacy to fight animal homelessness.

If you wish to have an outreach mission on your area or near your location, we advise that you reach out to us, follow this link to contact us.