Guide to Low-Cost Kapon (Spay & Neuter)

“Kapon” or spay (for females) and neuter (for males) is the process of removing an animal’s reproductive organs, thus rendering them unable to procreate. Neutering is the key answer to fighting overpopulation for both strays and indoor cats and dogs.

Neutering also has its benefits when it comes to giving a healthier life to cats and dogs. With these positive effects on the community and the overall health of the animals, we at Purrfectheal Veterinary Clinic endorse low-cost kapon always in our clinic located at Paranaque and during our outreach missions.


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Benefits of Spay & Neuter

  • Less desire to roam & REDUCES PROSTATIC DISEASE
  • Reduces chances of Pyometra & Ovarian Cancer
  • Improves overall behavior & Longer life span

Animals who have been spayed are no longer driven to roam in search of a mate. With roaming tendencies reduced, road accidents and chances of pets being lost can be prevented through neutering. In male animals, the removal of testes prevents testicular tumors and prostate problems.

According to a University of Georgia study based on the medical data of more than 70,000 animal patients, neutered male dogs had a 13.8% longer life expectancy, while spayed female dogs had a 26.3% longer life expectancy.

Spaying your pet significantly lowers the risk of breast cancer and fully removes the risk of uterine, ovarian, and uterine infections if the spaying was done before the cat reaches sexual maturity.

Although male dogs exhibit more aggressive behaviors right after the procedure, neutering has the potential to make them less aggressive over time.